Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Secure Browser?

First, Secure Browser is built on the Google initiated Chromium Browser open source project allowing developers like us to leverage the core browser technology which includes the super-fast rendering engine, Blink. We like to use the phrase, “Security without the Compromise”, which essentially highlights that we are not an extensible browser by default and we better surface security and privacy tools to help educate and protect you.  Not allowing browser extensions, you are protected against a growing risk and malware threat vector by 3rd party extension developers. Second, we layered in helpful and useful security and privacy tools to help you battle the bad guys in a more user friendly way. We developed the Security & Privacy Center which surfaces these security and privacy features in a way that allows you to better understand and use the services available.  We can’t say you’ll be 100% safe, no one can!  We can say that it’s our mission to educate you, provide you guidance and present you all the tools and services to better manage your online privacy, identity and personal data.


What is the Security & Privacy Center?

The Security & Privacy Center was built to better help you the user understand and manage your online security and privacy. A browser is the most used application on a PC, it’s where users essentially, do everything. From email, banking, online shopping, filing taxes, medical research, using Facebook, surfing the web, you name it, it’s most likely done through a browser. As result of this incredible application, security and privacy threats present themselves in a browser, not a surprise. Because of this, we decided that the browser is a logical place to help users better understand how to protect themselves. The Security & Privacy Center is a collection of security and privacy tools and services that you can control.  Online users today are already growing accustom to using the Security & Privacy Center as a resource which allows them to easily set up their browser and ultimately their PC to become better protected. It’s a resource platform in process and we think overtime it will become even more useful, informative and helpful.


What is Extension Sandboxing?

We have “locked” down the Secure Browser from unwanted extensions that slow down your browsing and compromise your security and privacy through malware threats like search hijackers, keyloggers, spyware, ransomware, scareware and the like. To enable the addition of Chrome extensions, you can change the security setting from the Security & Privacy Center.


What is Active AV?

We believe everyone should have a good quality Anti-Virus software program ‘active’ on your device. If you don’t have an “active” anti-virus program because it has expired, it’s been disabled, etc., Secure Browser will let you know and make available several options for you to download from Safer Downloads.


What is Safer Downloads?

Safer Downloads is a curated browser extension and software application store provided for our users. We have and will continue to include secure services and tools that help you better utilize your browser in a safe manner. Today, our store is highly centered around security and privacy management tools but we intend to add other secure and highly regarded extensions like Facebook, Instagram, etc.


What is AdBlock?

Eliminate malware ads and speed your browsing. Safer Adblock prevents tracking scripts and ads which allow webpages to load faster. If you really like ads and don’t mind a slower internet, we make it easy to turn off at our Security & Privacy Center – you decide.


What is Safe Browsing?

Be alerted and protected against visiting malicious websites or downloads with Safe Browsing turned on. We power Safer Browsing with Google Safe Browsing and our own threat detection service in one easy to manage service. You can turn it on and off from the Security & Privacy Center.


What is Password Manager (coming soon)?

Aside from the frustration of not remembering passwords, using a good quality password manager eliminates the possibility of hackers stealing your identity thru login & password spying and theft. We want you to use a password manager and will make available a fully integrated Password Manager but if you want to use another service, we are happy with that decision as well.


Private VPN (coming soon)?

Stop snoopers and hackers. All your incoming and outgoing data is encrypted and invisible to anyone outside when using Private VPN.


What is HTTP Encryption?

Encrypt your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure. Automatically switch thousands of sites from insecure “http” to secure “https”, protecting yourself at all times online! We have enabled HTTPS Everywhere produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in an easy to manage service. You can turn on and off from the Security & Privacy Center.


What is Do-not-track?

Protect your privacy from today’s pervasive online web tracking services who use increasingly sophisticated tracking technologies. The Chromium browser project supports do-not-track and we at Safer Technologies have elevated and activated this setting. You can turn on and off from the Security & Privacy Center.


How do I uninstall Secure Browser?

To uninstall Secure Browser, Use the Windows add/remove programs feature found in the Control Panel [Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall Programs). From here, choose to uninstall Secure Browser and our uninstaller routine will remove the application. Additionally, you can utilize the “burger” menu in the upper right corner of the browser, select Uninstall Secure Browser near the bottom and go through the uninstallation process to remove Secure Browser.


What is Privacy Cleaner?
With a click of a button, we’ll immediately clear ALL your search history, download history, cached images, cookies and other site data from the beginning of time. Should use wish to use a more refined cleaning process, you can still do so from the Settings panel of the browser.


How do I send product suggestions and/or complaints?

We want to hear from our users, so do not hesitate to get in contact. It’s how we get better for you and our next customer.

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